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The culinary passion runs in our family

On one side of the globe, there’s a world of family, traditions, and simplicity. On theother side, there’s a world of busy lives, diversity, and innovation. When you fuse the two worlds together, you can create something truly magical. During these times, it’s not easy to immerse ourselves in a new culture — but, when we sit around a dinner table and share food from another culture, we can experience something amazing.

Bengali Food: Forget The Frills, Just Add Flavour


Chef Bapi Das was born and raised in Taherpur, Nadia, West-Bengal. Bengali food isn’t exactly “fine-dining-michelin-starred-quality” — but it’s prepared with love, passion, and ingredients picked straight from the ground.

“There was never deprivation of having the chance to indulge in real, homemade food. My mom was an amazing cook, and I was so fortunate to have been able to grow up eating her meals. She put so much love and passion into everything she made. It wasn’t fancy, but it tasted so good!”

In West-Bengal, it is traditional for women to cook at home while men go to work. It’s almost frowned upon for men to be in the kitchen… Growing up, Chef Bapi loved watching raw ingredients transform into stunning, delicious meals. He saw how much his mom loved to be in the kitchen, and he wanted to join in on the fun. Due to the tradition of women being in the kitchen, Chef Bapi’s father wasn’t entirely on-board with the idea of him participating in the “kitchen chores”. But, Chef Bapi’s passion was too great, and his mom was happy to pass along her culinary knowledge to her eager son.

Breaking Barriers By Breaking Bread… Together

Chef Bapi and his mom would bond in the kitchen day in and day out. Whether they were filled with cheer, or stressed from a tough day, they knew they’d be able to ground themselves in the kitchen. Cooking provided a sense of peace and the kitchen quickly became a space to create memories they’d cherish forever.


“Cooking with my mom was so important to my upbringing. It’s how we bonded, and I hold those memories so close to my heart. Some days, my dad would come home from work stressed, and my mom would be upset. I knew that as soon as we were in the kitchen cooking, she would be able to smile and forget about her day. It became a way to relieve my mom’s pain, and share my love for my family through food.”

Owner & Executive Chef

Chef. Bapi Das

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"Our food makes you smile"

Reconnect with your heritage or discover new cultures through traditional & fusion dishes

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